Got interested in learning more about medicinal chemistry? We offer quite a few courses, both in the BSc and the MSc program, and you'll find these thought-provoking and interesting. And of course there are internships. So what do we have on offer?

Internships You might be interested in learning which current topics are being studied in our research program, as, let's say, an invitation to come "on board". The topics mentioned will be of particular interest to undergraduate students (from Leiden or elsewhere, e.g., Erasmus students) and cover a 6-9 months term. For Leiden students there is a list of short programs (10 weeks), as part of the Leiden curriculum. If you are interested, please contact the supervisor mentioned with the project or Prof. A. IJzerman.


In the BSc program: Design and Synthesis: this is a close to six weeks mix of practical and theoretical courses, with subjects ranging from computational and synthetic chemistry ('designing and making molecules') to biochemical pharmacology ('testing of molecules and interpreting the results'). By the end (yes, there is an exam too) you will have a pretty good understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of medicinal chemistry. Minor 'Modern drug discovery': this is a full semester of research projects in medicinal chemistry and related disciplines, interlaced with (pretty advanced) theoretical courses. The minor is a collaboration between Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Life Science & Technology, so you will get the best of both worlds. Expect to be involved in several current research projects for a number of weeks each, teaming up with PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Literature review: you're invited to write a concise review about a drug target, and focus in particular on the drugs that interact with it. You can start any time, expect to spend some three weeks on it (5 ECTS).

In the MSc program: Research project: this is a real research internship. Depending on your preferences, you'll team up with one of the research scientists in the division of medicinal chemistry. This may be in the area of chem- and bioinformatics, in the organic synthesis department, or rather biology-oriented, with emphasis on cellular systems and the effects drug have on them. Please, consult the informative list of current projects at our website. Literature review: if you did not do so in the BSc program, you're invited to write a concise review about a drug target, and focus in particular on the drugs that interact with it. You can start any time; expect to spend some four weeks on it (7 ECTS), as we go a little deeper than in the BSc phase.

If you're interested why not watch a weblecture called "Breaking and Making. The art of medicinal chemistry",  in which professor IJzerman explains and discusses some principles and issues in medicinal chemistry